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Advances in Treatment of Glomerulonephritis with Traditional

2017-02-22 15:02

1, feng shui stroke

Governing Law: Xuanfei Li water.

Prescription: more mourning plus soup plus five Pi drink add and subtract. Medicinal tangerine peel, Poria skin, mulberry white, large abdominal skin, ginger skin, Achyranthes, Plantago, ephedra, gypsum, Atractylodes. Exogenous cold and (or) the body of Yang who can be used ephedra aconite Asarum soup with five skin to drink, Exogenous wind heaters, plus forsythia, chrysanthemum, Nepeta to clear the heat table. This is the law of the rule of law, the card should be due to the rule of governance.

2, spleen dampness

Governing Law: spleen and water.

Prescription: anti-Huangqi Decoction with Chunze Decoction. Han defense, raw Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria, Polyporus, Alisma, Codonopsis, Guizhi, ginger, jujube. Fang in the Astragalus Yiqi solid table, Fang Li water wet; Atractylodes, licorice soil wins wet, ginger, jujube reconcile business health. Through clinical observation, chronic nephritis and nephrotic syndrome is the syndrome of the spleen are more common, so the application of the opportunity are more. According to clinical observation, after the drug not only improved symptoms, some patients can also see the urine protein gradually reduced. Application of the side, the amount of astragalus is generally less than 30g, not a lot. Inpidual cases due to large amount of astragalus, anti-urine decreased, edema increased. For patients with nephritis edema, due to lung and spleen qi deficiency, the surface gas is not always self-sweating and susceptible to cold, often with the side of the Yuping wind scattered, that is, the side plus wind. In order to strengthen the anti-Huangqi Decoction of the role of water swelling, often in the side of the car before the move, pregnant achyranthes. Chunze Tang is in the Wuling Qi gas on the basis of gas, plus ginseng to increase the power of the gas, the side of the flat, without obstruct the disadvantages of drugs, often after the increase in urine output, and edema subsided. As the side of Qi and blood circulation, gas and water and progress, it can restore the normal water metabolism.

3, spleen and kidney yang

Governing Law: Warming kidney spleen, Tongyang water.

Recipe: partial spleen yang deficiency, with real spleen drink. System with tablets, dried ginger, Poria, Atractylodes, large abdominal skin, Chuan Park, the vast incense, melon, licorice, white konnel. Partial yin deficiency, with Zhenwu soup with five skin to drink. System with tablets, dried ginger, Poria, Atractylodes, white peony, mulberry white, dried tangerine peel, large abdominal skin, Achyranthes, Plantago. Real spleen drink and Wu Tang with the same as Wenyang Li water of the agent, the two sides compared to the real spleen drink weight in the warm spleen, Zhenwu Tang main warming kidney and diuresis, clinical use when the thin to distinguish, clinical spleen and kidney Virtual often coexist, Moreover, spleen yang deficiency, kidney yang, the two affect each other. Clinical cure spleen should not forget the kidney, warm days to warm the day after tomorrow, the rule of the kidney should not forget the spleen, warm days to warm the innate. So the two sides need to be combined with the clinical cut to cure spleen and kidney yang deficiency. Both sides are Xinwei to help the cold and cold water of the agent, edema, consumption of its most, it should be easy to really soup for the Jisheng kidney gas pill method to yin and yang double fill, yin yang. Gas line water, do not cause Xin Wen robbed real dollars.

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