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Introduction of seven small treatment of IgA nephropathy

2017-02-21 10:32

IgA nephrotic treatment of the seven major principles:

1, urinary protein> 1g / 24h with or without microscope hematuria: the proposed ACEI and / or ARB drugs

Second, the simple mirror of hematuria and urinary protein in patients after effective treatment, the need for regular follow-up, in order to prevent the disease deteriorated in order to facilitate long-term stability of the disease.

Third, the performance of nephrotic syndrome and light microscopy showed slight glomerular lesions in patients with minimal IgA nephritis should be given hormone therapy; and no good response to the hormone or glomerular structure was significantly damaged nephrotic syndrome IgA nephritis patients did not Evidence supports prolonged use of hormones.

Fourth, the renal failure of IgA nephropathy need renal biopsy to distinguish between acute tubular necrosis and crescent IgA nephropathy, the former only need to support the treatment, which requires cyclophosphamide and hormone therapy, treatment and vasculitis similar.

Fifth, recurrent nausea hematuria: the elimination of hematuria, experts advocate tonsil excision

Six patients who control proteinuria and hematuria for urinary protein <1g / 24h and / or microscopic hematuria

Seven tonsillectomy in the short term may prevent the onset of nausea hematuria help, but most of the kidney disease experts believe that long-term protection of renal function is useless.

For the treatment of IgA nephropathy, patients should be based on the specific circumstances of patients to take the appropriate treatment. And simple Western medicine therapy can not solve the repeated anti-IgA nephrotic pain, and hormone side effects of drugs is relatively large, in the choice of traditional Chinese medicine should be to protect the repair of renal function.

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