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How can patients prevent IgA nephropathy?

2017-03-26 13:50

Many people have seen the severity of IgA nephropathy , and the treatment of IgA nephropathy is not yet mature, so the main task at this stage for Iga nephropathy patients is to prevent the increase in IgA nephropathy. Here we introduce the methods of the prevention of IgA nephropathy .

1, IgA nephropathy to prevent disease infection

As IgA nephropathy often due to respiratory infections, tonsillitis induced or exacerbated, so patients should prevent cold, poor constitution, easy to cold patients, you can take the drug oral solution, usually to the right amount of exercise, exercise to enhance physical fitness .

2, IgA nephropathy should be less to the virus

IgA nephropathy patients to go to public places, especially in the spring or some epidemic period should pay attention to most, and go out with a mask. According to seasonal changes, timely increase or decrease clothes, anti-cold, cold, to prevent respiratory infections, infection occurs immediately seek medical attention.

3, the patient should pay attention to appropriate rest

Due to overwork, strenuous exercise can often make hematuria repeated or increased, so patients should try to avoid fatigue. Life should be regular, do not stay up all night, to maintain a good attitude and optimistic mood, can be engaged in less manual labor, but still not tired is appropriate

4, IgA nephropathy often accompanied by pharyngitis or tonsillitis, Chinese medicine dialectical or wind evil heat poison, kidney disease diet should be light, Jifu spicy, barbecue food, and avoid alcohol and tobacco.

5, always remember carefully medication, to avoid the use of renal damage to drugs (such as Chinese medicine), so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.


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