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IgA patients can not eat what traditional Chinese medicine?

2017-02-21 10:25

IgA patients can not use the traditional Chinese medicine drugs include the following:

(1) wood pass: sexual bitter, cold There is heat and water Tonglin, Qingxian Firelight, through milk, Lee Bi's effect. (3-6g) with diuretic effect, large doses can damage the renal tubules, leading to epithelial cell necrosis, severe cases can lead to acute renal failure.

(2) grass Wu: sexual taste Xin, warm, toxic. Can rheumatism, cold and cold pain. Containing aconitine, hypaconitine, aconitine to the strongest, oral administration of 0.2mg can be poisoned, 3 ~ 4mg can be lethal. Mainly by the kidneys and saliva discharge, easy to cause acute renal failure, so after more concocted medicine. Long time long fried (3-4h above) after the hydrolysis of aconitine aconitine alkali, its toxicity is only the original alkaloid 0.02% to 0.05%, so the grass should be processed into the first, and fried for half an hour about.

(3) Tripterygium: sexual bitter, there is a big drug. Insecticide, anti-inflammatory, detoxification effect. The roots, stems and shoots were poisonous, and the root bark was more toxic than the xylem, and the toxic components were mixed with five kinds of alkaloids and three triterpenoid hydrides with significant cytotoxicity. Poisoning dose can cause renal tubular cell degeneration and necrosis, renal tubular epithelial mild steatosis, patients often die of acute renal failure.

(4) · Motherwort: sexual taste Xin, slightly bitter, slightly cold. There is blood conditioning, water swelling, cooling the effect of anti-eruption. Containing mother liquor base, stachydrine and other alkaloids. The drug toxicity is low, clinical use often too large, after poisoning can cause multiple organ hemorrhagic shock, renal failure.

Experts pointed out: IgA nephropathy in the choice of Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy, should be from their own physical condition and the degree of development of IgA nephropathy to consider the choice of medication. The best way is to IgA nephropathy under the guidance of a doctor, and regular physical examination.

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