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What are the reasons for the increase in IgA nephropathy?

2017-02-21 10:19

What are the factors that increase the severity of IgA nephropathy? Therefore, it is necessary for patients to understand the factors that exacerbate IgA nephropathy in order to facilitate the control of the disease and prevent it from repeatedly. Induction of IgA nephropathy increased the main factors are the following four:

Iga nephropathy aggravated factors: IgA nephropathy is an immune disease, is "lack of righteousness", so patients with IgA nephropathy should usually use some immune enhancers, such as kite oral liquid, more anti-a tablets, Siqi Kang, thymosin, Yupingfeng powder, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan and Jinkui Shenqi pills, etc., to regulate immune function, enhance the body of great benefit. So the correct correction of immune function is to prevent the induction of IgA nephropathy, the necessary factors.

Iga kidney disease factor two: exercise can also induce IgA nephropathy aggravated factors weakened. IgA nephropathy should be appropriate exercise, living section, to prevent the stay up late, fatigue, strenuous exercise and physical decline.

Iga kidney disease aggravating factors three: low-fat protein diet, limit the excessive phosphorus food, protein overdose; ban spicy thick tired of the goods. The patient can not see his condition has improved on the control of the mouth, forget the doctor asked the low-fat diet. Management of mouth can also prevent IgA nephropathy increased.

Iga kidney disease aggravating factors four: the elimination of susceptibility and predisposing factors, such as upper respiratory tract, skin, intestinal tract, urinary tract infection, root sore boils, fungal infection, children with prepuce should be timely cut. So to prevent a variety of predisposing factors is to prevent IgA nephropathy increased common attention.

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