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Chinese medicine treatment of nephritis edema

2017-02-19 08:32

TCM believes that most closely related to viscera water metabolism of lung, spleen and kidney, the three viscera dysfunction caused by key edema, therefore the treatment of edema, TCM to promote lung and spleen and kidney as the basic principles, specific methods are as follows:

(1) Xuanfei Lee Water: the main clinical manifestations were fever caused by exogenous pathogenic wind, cold, evil wind, headache, pain, limb joint cough, thin white fur, pulse floating. The seer swelling in the face, after urination throughout the body. Chinese medicine called this edema for Feng Shui, more common in acute nephritis or acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis. Drugs commonly used in ephedra, gypsum, ginger, Atractylodes, parsnip, mulberry, honeysuckle, forsythia, mint, Peucedanum, red bean, semen plantaginis, Rhizoma alismatis, cogongrass rhizome, motherwort etc..

(2) the wet spleen detumescence: clinical manifestations of systemic pitting edema, below the waist, body weight burnout, urinate less, poor appetite, chest tightness, greasy moss, pulse moisten. Commonly used drugs are Poria, Polyporus, Alisma, white atractylodes rhizome, cassia twig, Morus alba, areca peel, ginger, tangerine peel, Poria peel etc.. The upper body swollen even asthma plus ephedra, almond, Tinglizi; the lower part of the body with very swollen Menispermaceae, Chuanjiao, Magnolia officinalis; such as heat dampness, Fanre thirst, short red urine, constipation, yellow greasy, more yellow, Akebia, Thistle and so on.

(3), Qi Wenzhong Jianpi Lishui: this method is suitable for the weakness of spleen yang. The main clinical manifestations of lower extremity edema, even more, according to the depression is not easy to recover, chest distension, eatless loose stools, pale complexion, Shenpi limb cold, urinate less, pale tongue with white fur, slippery pulse slow. Commonly used drugs: Poria, Atractylodes, aconite, dried ginger, Magnolia, woody, dafupi, papaya, strawberry, licorice, Polyporus, Alisma, can add Dangshen and Astragalus root.

(4) the water temperature kidney: applicable to the decline of kidney yang. The main manifestations of systemic edema below the waist, waist and knees, cold limbs, chills, fatigue, pale, oliguria, pale tongue with teeth marks, the pulse was thin and weak. Commonly used drugs are Poria, Atractylodes, Radix Paeoniae Alba, aconite, ginger, radix rehmanniae, Cortex Moutan, Alisma, yam, Cornus officinalis, cinnamon, etc..


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