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What are the causes of chronic nephritis?

2017-02-13 17:20

Chronic glomerulonephritis, referred to as chronic nephritis, can lead to varying degrees of renal function, will eventually develop into a group of renal failure. Below tongshantang hospital kidney hospital Professor Wang explain the pathogenesis of chronic nephritis, may be helpful to you.

What is the cause of chronic nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis (chronicglomerulonephritis), referred to as chronic nephritis, clinical manifestations of proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension.

The onset of illness in different ways, and the slow progress of pathological changes can be different degrees of renal dysfunction, will eventually develop into a group of glomerular disease in patients with chronic renal failure.

The etiology of chronic nephritis:

Chronic nephritis is a group of multiple causes of chronic glomerular glomerular disease mainly according to statistics, only 15% ~ 20% from acute glomerulonephritis and transformation, but due to acute glomerulonephritis subclinical diagnosis is not easy, so in fact the percentage may be higher. In addition, most of the chronic nephritis patients without a history of acute nephritis, so at present there are many scholars believe that the association between chronic glomerulonephritis and acute nephritis not sure, it may be due to a variety of bacteria, viruses or protozoa infected by immune mechanism, inflammatory factor and non immune mechanism caused by the disease.

Some experts say that chronic nephritis is a kind of immune disease caused by infection, resulting in the destruction of the human environment, immune balance disorders. The etiology and pathology of the disease is not a single disease of the kidney, but the whole body of a series of pathological. Because the body's immune disorders caused by bilateral renal glomeruli showed diffuse, most advanced fibrosis and hyalinization, small cortical thinning and glomerular atrophy, renal unit most eventually disappear, kidney volume is reduced, or even become a shrunken kidney.

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