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If nephritis can be a child

2017-02-10 15:03

With the progress of society, people's pace of life is becoming faster and faster, so sometimes it will ignore a lot of small details of life, eat and rest will become very casual. A lot of people are very love to stay up late, have a lot of work to do during the day, at night and sleep very late, sometimes physically exhausted, even if the body is changing slowly, we have not noticed, and now many young people diagnosed with nephritis, really bad.

If nephritis can be a child

1 chronic nephritis activity, which in addition to urine protein, there are many red blood cells, white blood cells, tube type, test showed blood complement C3 decreased, said the condition is unstable, the immune response is also very active, such as fuel pregnancy, deterioration;

2 patients with blood pressure higher than 150/100 mm Hg for fertility, pregnancy prone to pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, can cause hypertension encephalopathy, eclampsia and stillbirth may cause heart failure, acute renal failure, the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage is also very high;

3 chronic renal insufficiency should not be born. After the pregnancy, the kidney may be overloaded with renal failure, uremia, life-threatening;

4 a large number of patients with chronic nephritis is not suitable for pregnancy, pregnancy can promote the decline in plasma albumin, resulting in severe edema, increased blood volume, so that blood pressure can cause heart failure.

Women have a kidney can not have children? The expert reminds: these patients can be pregnant according to their own needs, but must regularly check urine, blood pressure, check renal function, especially in the later stages of pregnancy should be 2 times a week to check urine, blood pressure every day, every 1 to 2 weeks to check a renal function. If there is a large increase in urinary protein, blood pressure significantly increased trend, the decline in renal function, should be timely termination of pregnancy.

The body changes will directly affect our normal life, if the situation is serious and timely treatment is fairly good results, if serious illness belatedly found that at that time it was already late, it affects not only ourselves, and our friends and family, so we must cherish yourself.


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