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The treatment of acute nephritis Note

2017-02-10 14:23

Kidney disease is a big hidden danger to people's health, is a comprehensive reflection of kidney diseases, have a serious impact to the life and health of patients with nephritis is a kidney disease, acute or chronic, acute nephritis, need to pay special attention to the following points.

Acute nephritis is a self limiting disease, the general prognosis is good, as long as the timely removal of the cause, supplemented by appropriate treatment, can be completely restored to health.

Patients with onset of edema, hematuria, should stay in bed for about 4 weeks. Edema subsided, all aspects of improvement can get up to walk. 3 months is not suitable for physical labor and physical exertion, such as the increase in blood during the period, it should be stressed that bed rest.

In the early stage of acute nephritis, edema and oliguria were more important. When the urine recovery as usual, edema, food can be slightly pale. Too much salt and salt is not wrong, should be treated differently according to the patient's situation.

Treatment of acute nephritis in the context of infection should be given adequate anti infection treatment, no infection, generally do not have to properly. The use of antibiotics to prevent recurrence of the disease are often ineffective.

The treatment of acute nephritis should pay attention to the absolute quiet, bed rest, salt, low protein diet. Maintain and adjust the balance of water and electrolyte, correct metabolic acidosis.

The patients not only need to pay attention to the above several matters needing attention during the treatment, patients also need to actively cooperate with the treatment, maintain an optimistic attitude, usually more exercise, enhance immunity, believe that acute nephritis will recovery soon.


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