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Early symptoms of nephritis

2017-02-10 09:47

1, early symptoms of nephritis is the most common infection as the first factor. Acute onset of acute glomerulonephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis patients often associated with pharyngitis and tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract and skin infection. Therefore, when suffering from infectious diseases should be checked for routine urine.

2, although the lack of specific symptoms of patients with glomerulonephritis, but early fatigue, fatigue, low back pain, eyelid, face, ankle swelling, increased urine foam, abnormal urine color. Therefore, when these symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital to check urine routine.

3, early uremia patients often appear anorexia, nausea, pruritus and other performance. Therefore, these symptoms, especially those with high blood pressure, anemia patients must check kidney function.

4, more than moderate chronic renal insufficiency patients often associated with anemia, weakness, dizziness, pale and other symptoms. Patients with anemia, except for hematological diseases, should be aware of the presence of chronic renal insufficiency.

5, 1/3 of patients with glomerulonephritis will appear elevated blood pressure, performance for headache, memory loss, poor sleep symptoms. Because of the above symptoms, and found that patients with elevated blood pressure must check urine routine, especially young patients.

6, the early stage of chronic renal insufficiency may only be manifested as the increase in the number of urination and urine at night. If there is not a large number of healthy people to drink water before going to sleep at night should not urinate or urinate only 1 times, if often urinate at night more than 2 times, should go to the hospital to check urine routine and renal function.

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