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What are the main points of diet nephritis

2017-02-09 15:31

Nephritis is one of the most serious diseases, which has a great impact on people's normal work and life. In the treatment of nephritis, not only the need for professional scientific treatment programs, but also the patient's daily life in a reasonable conditioning, the following a detailed understanding of what the diet of nephritis.

Nephritis patients, such as eating too much salt, and voiding function and damage, often aggravate the symptoms of edema, increased blood volume, resulting in heart failure, it is necessary to limit salt, given a low salt diet. Daily salt intake should be controlled below 2-4 grams, in order to reduce the swelling and blood volume increased, an accident.

Avoid high fat diet in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis with hypertension and anemia symptoms, animal fat is unfavorable to hypertension and anemia, because fat can aggravate atherosclerosis and inhibit hematopoietic function, so it should not be excessive consumption of patients with chronic nephritis.

Restrictions on foods high in purine and high in nitrogen limit foods containing high levels of purine and nitrogen in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys. Should be restricted to stimulate the kidney cells of food, because these foods contain high purine and high nitrogen content, in poor renal function, its metabolites can not be discharged in time, have a negative impact on renal function.

Avoid using strong strong spices: spices such as pepper, mustard, Jell-O, pepper and other harmful to kidney function, should not eat. MSG will be thirsty after drinking because of more food, in limiting the amount of drinking water, should also be less msg.

Diet should eat nutritious, digestible, vitamin rich foods. Protein intake should be determined by the root condition. In the initial stage, such as less urine, nitrogen retention, should limit the intake of protein, only to provide high-quality protein, in order to reduce the burden of nitrogen excretion of nitrogen.

The above is what the main points of diet related to nephritis, I hope to help you. In the treatment of nephritis, pay more attention to the above points, active treatment of nephritis, as soon as possible to get rid of nephritis.

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