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Whether you can travel with nephritis

2017-02-07 17:18

Originally travel is a lot of people love the way of life, but also a lot of life in the essential entertainment and leisure. But for some patients suffering from kidney disease trouble, originally for their basic necessities of life are concerned about, want to go out to play and did not dare to act recklessly, but stay at home all day and feel too boring. Some experts pointed out that patients with kidney disease can go out to travel or according to their condition. Let's see what the experts say.

On all kinds of nephropathy patients travel

1, acute nephritis in general before rehabilitation, can not travel.

2, chronic nephritis in patients with kidney dialysis to reduce blood urea nitrogen, muscle, liver, chronic nephritis, kidney function is not normal, and in the repeated fluctuations, generally do not travel.

3, patients with chronic nephritis, renal function is normal, the recent 3~6 months was relatively stable, without obvious complications, can serve as light, spirit, strength is also good, short distance travel choice of transport comfortable, pay attention to the control of activity should be to reach the destination.

4, kidney transplantation patients, tourism is not a contraindication.

If you feel good as long as the general condition, according to the renal function recovery situation, as far as possible the use of similar and slightly lower activity, if there is a comfortable transportation and rest conditions, medical supplies, can choose to adapt their condition of travel items, including a slightly longer point distance of travel. Originally the kidney is the congenital foundation of a person, a person is not good enough to have no power. I hope the majority of friends cherish their kidneys, quit smoking, do not stay up all night. Bon Voyage。


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