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Dietary attention in children with nephritis

2017-02-07 17:13

About children is the existence of nephritis in the pathogenesis of a large part of the population, is not only the need for timely and reasonable use of drug treatment, more need in the life of the diet special attention, so today Xiaobian to introduce you to the diet, let parents know how to cook and eat nephritis in children.

Children acute nephritis diet:

1, low protein diet: protein supply is determined according to the condition, in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys. Low protein diet should not be too long, in order to prevent anemia. Appropriate selection of high quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, etc.; avoid the use of beans and their products.

2, limit sodium and water: the attention of children with nephritis diet, in order to eliminate edema, sodium and water must be limited. Should be based on the condition, urine volume and edema, given low salt, no salt or low sodium diet.

3, control of potassium intake: less urine or urine, should strictly control the supply of potassium, water limit at 500 ml per day. Avoid eating foods such as mushrooms, letinous edodes, red dates, shellfish, beans, vegetables and fruits.

4, the amount of carbohydrates and adequate amount of fat: diet, most of the energy supply from carbohydrates. The addition of sufficient carbohydrates to prevent the lack of heat, a small amount of protein supplied by food is used for tissue repair and growth. Should add vermicelli, dessert, jelly etc..

5, the right amount of heat supply: severe children need bed rest, reduce energy consumption, reduced activity can reduce appetite, so do not have to supply the daily heat.

Pepper egg:

White pepper 7, fresh eggs, 1. Put the egg on top of the hole with a small scissors chopsticks head thickness, 7 grains of white pepper from the hole to put people in the egg, and the egg and flour into the dough, hole sealing, with wet paper the whole egg wrapped steamed into the steamer or into the bowl, the water can be steamed. Put the steamed egg shell, egg will pepper hot to eat, 1 times a day, for 10 times for a course of treatment, after 3 days of rest and then take second course, 3 courses for general use. Treatment of chronic nephritis in children.

Crucian carp soup:

Carp 250 grams, 500 grams of wax gourd. The crucian carp to wash, and gill and intestinal mixed melon (peeled) with the decoction. 2 times a day, eat fish soup. Qingfei diuresis, detumescence, apply to children with acute nephritis.

Mao Gen tang:

White Mao root 250 grams, 25 grams of sugar. Put the chopped in Chine goods washed into the casserole, add water, Huizha decoction, then add sugar, you can drink melted. More than 1 days, pided into 2 ~ 3 times when the tea warm drink, and even served L ~ 2 weeks, until the recovery of nephritis. Diuresis. The utility model is suitable for children with acute nephritis.

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