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Acute nephritis patients can not eat what?

2017-02-07 17:08

Patients with acute nephritis need good nursing work, because of the harm of acute nephritis is very large, there may be life-threatening in patients with acute nephritis, can not eat anything, if improper diet may aggravate the disease, many nephritis patients do not know what to eat and not eat, today we take a look at acute nephritis can not eat what. I hope you can help.

1, tofu patients to control protein intake, to prevent it in vivo metabolites such as urea, uric acid is difficult to excrete, excessive savings and lead to poisoning. Tofu contains high protein, so patients should not eat.

2, liver protein metabolism will produce nitrogen waste, need to be excreted by the kidneys, urinary volume decreased, the non protein nitrogen retention, leading to uremia, liver is high protein food, therefore, should not eat too much.

3, fish water, carbon dioxide is generated after the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate waste, protein metabolism after non protein nitrogen waste, generally excreted by the kidneys, urinary volume reduced symptoms, excretion will be affected.

4, patients with milk to eat low protein food, to reduce the body of nitrogen containing waste objects, protect kidney function to maintain the normal nutrition of patients. Milk contains rich protein, so patients with acute nephritis should not drink more.

5, patients with high salt diet grams of salt. Because it can increase the patient's condition, so that patients with sodium retention in the body increased, severe edema symptoms, and even life-threatening.


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