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All kinds of examination should be done

2017-02-07 17:01

Now a lot of nephritis patients do not know what should be done to the hospital to check what the department or hang, tossing to and fro half a day or did not want to find their own solutions, I will give you the following lists nephritis patients should do inspection project.

1, urine routine examination:

No abnormal color of urine, urine protein general quantity not many white blood cells in urinary sediment increased (acute stage with chronic phase vision, 5 / HPF), sometimes leukogenic tube type.

2, urine bacteria examination:

In the examination of urinary sediment smear staining:

When including a large number of bacteria in urine, because of urinary sediment in smear gram stain, bacteria can be found about 90%. This method is simple, the positive rate is high.

Urine bacterial culture and colony count

3, urine cell count:

In recent years, the use of 1 hours counting, 12 hour urinary sediment counting considered more accurate and convenient. The standard is the number of white blood cells greater than 300 thousand / h is positive, less than 200 thousand / h can be considered to belong to the normal range, ranging from 20~30 million / hour should be combined with clinical judgment; red blood cells greater than 100 thousand / h is positive.

4, X-ray examination:

When the symptoms of recurrent or chronic pyelonephritis is not easy to control, should include abdominal X-ray examination, X, intravenous pyelography, voiding urography. The elimination of stones, ptosis, urinary system congenital malformations and other diseases.

In short, after suffering from nephritis disease must be timely to the hospital to accept the above items of inspection, in addition to the late drug and food adjuvant therapy is also essential.

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