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Nephritis treatment notes?

2017-02-07 16:59

First, the general treatment

Patients with symptoms of edema and blood pressure should stay in bed. To eat a low salt diet, especially when there is high blood pressure and edema. Patients with normal renal function to maintain normal protein quality (1g per kilogram of body weight per day), if it is the case of hyperlipidemia, attention should be paid to limit protein intake, but also the use of high-quality protein.

Two, treatment of infection and symptomatic treatment of infection in intravenous drip treatment of choice, often the onset of chronic tonsillitis, to be in stable condition after tonsillectomy, preoperative and postoperative two weeks required intravenous drip. According to the patients with proteinuria, hypertension symptoms were swollen fast, diuresis, detumescence, and blood pressure lowering therapy.

Three, Chinese medicine treatment of nephritis and method of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine on this disease is pided into cold, wind, heat, cooling blood, detoxification, diuretic use therapy. The disease recovery pulse is not very clear, not easy to grasp, this time should be based on dampness heat, nourishing Yin, but not warm up. In addition, the disease is mainly dialysis.

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