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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of nephritis

2017-02-07 14:53

Glomerulonephritis is a common disease, if early detection and treatment will not cause harm to the body is too serious, but the delay in treatment, its development may change from small to big, but also extended to other complications, with the progress of medicine, cure nephritis is more and more convenient, the following Xiaobian to explain the method of traditional Chinese medicine for treating nephritis the.

Most of the patients with nephritis as cold piansheng or water turbid air in close, see oliguria and anuria, which would have swollen even more, lethargy, or to poison water in closed, such as gas pan can also be selected, Wendan, or Inula ruddle soup or, some with rhubarb, gardenia, Pulsatilla chinensis.

If nephritis patients if pale, limbs not warm or some Yujue, can choose or add anti, Chuanjiao, or cinnamon, Schisandra, ginseng, which also may be anxious DuShenTang decoction or injection of Shengmai injection. If if the patient is unconscious, heat toxin, in order to avoid toxic fire attack such as Sheng, see a rough cough and short of breath, water evil tower potential, or bark, Ghassan Tinglizi, tangerine peel, or perilla and almonds.

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