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Treatment of nephritis must avoid treatment errors

2017-02-07 14:51

The treatment of nephritis cycle is relatively common, the disease prone to repeated phenomenon, it is difficult to completely cure, inducing factors of nephritis in life very much, once we found himself appeared on nephritis suspected symptoms, we must promptly to the hospital for treatment. Experts said that the treatment of nephritis must avoid treatment errors.

The diagnosis and treatment of nephritis is the most important aspect of diet. A large number of patients were told to eat protein, resulting in many patients in the material and thousands of miles away. Little wonder, low protein diet induced malnutrition in patients. It is better to add a little amount of amino acid to improve the state of the patient.

Some patients rely on traditional Chinese medicine, Koppu other drug treatment. Chinese herbal medicine has a certain effect on renal failure, but also on the early and middle stage of the patient, the diagnosis and treatment of advanced uremia is not very ideal. At this time the patient is best to try dialysis treatment, otherwise it can damage the treatment of patients.

In addition. Patients believe that blood transfusions are helpful for anemia in uremia, experts say. A lot of blood transfusion, decrease produce erythropoietin, aggravate the condition. In addition, blood transfusions may also increase the toxic substances in urea nitrogen.

The last point is that patients often ignore the treatment of primary disease. Such as lupus nephritis disease, urinary tract obstruction and other diseases, or renal tuberculosis can damage the kidneys. Once active treatment, some patients with uremia can be reversed, is expected to restore renal function.

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