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What are the nursing measures of hepatitis B

2017-02-07 14:34

Because hepatitis B is a serious disease of kidney disease, the patient is very dangerous. Therefore, it is very important to care for the disease. Good care, the disease will be effectively controlled or even better, are likely to occur. Therefore, the best treatment as soon as possible, care for hepatitis B nephritis is also very important, then what is the nursing measures of hepatitis B nephritis? Let the experts for you to lift your heart a lot of confusion about the care.

First, life care

1, promote physical and mental rest: such as renal hypertension should be regularly measured blood pressure, according to changes in blood pressure increased bed rest time.

2, a reasonable diet: the diet should carry out specific dietary guidance to patients according to each kind of diseases, such as renal insufficiency, high calorie intake should be (a sugar based), high quality low protein diet, limiting flux, maintain water balance.

3, pay attention to oral care: sooner or later and postprandial reaction, to keep the mouth clean, remove halitosis, reduce nausea, prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

4, strengthen skin care: good skin care in patients with chronic renal failure, is the prevention of skin infection, an important work of bedsore and related complications, due to frost deposition on uremic patients often have skin irritation, itching and discomfort, and sleep, and very easy to scratch the skin after infection, it should be frequently cleaned with warm water. Keep the skin clean, do not use soap and alcohol. Qinhuan clothes, sheets. With serious edema patients, more attention should be paid to the protection of the skin, often replace the prone position, pressed parts massage, prevention of bedsore.

Two, mental and psychological nursing

Chinese medicine said that nursed emotions, due to kidney disease course is long, easy to relapse, patients thought the burden is heavy, so it is important to understand and encourage patients to express their ideological concerns, encourage patients to open-minded, relax and avoid negative and pessimistic, not to "drill dead end", learn emotion conquering disease treatment. The body recover confidence.

Nursing measures for hepatitis B nephritis, experts from the life, psychological and psychological aspects of nursing to explain. If you follow the experts on the disease to carry out the nursing knowledge, believe that the disease can get a quick recovery!

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