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What are the causes of nephritis?

2017-02-07 14:20

Nephritis is inflammation of kidney immune mediated, different antigen microbial infection of the human body, produce different antibodies, immune complex synthesis of different nodes, the pathological damage by deposition in different parts of the kidney, the formation of different types of nephritis. The main causes of nephritis are the following:

1, the main infection: bacteria, virus and parasite infection, this is the most common cause of nephritis, especially colds, asymptomatic bacteriuria, flu, sore throat, bronchitis and so can lead to nephritis.

2, take medicine in disorder: into the body of most drugs are excreted through the kidneys in vitro, some drugs may cause serious damage to the kidneys, such as antipyretic analgesics, antibiotics, some containing aristolochic acid or radsz herbs, some Chinese medicine, so the drug must be used under the guidance of a doctor, can not be used indiscriminately, so as not to cause irreparable damage to the kidney.

3, including: overwork overworked, such as heavy manual labor and strenuous exercise, burn the midnight oil, even real labor, are caused by nephritis causes.

4, arteriosclerosis: with the increase of age, the natural decline in renal function, an important reason is that atherosclerotic renal damage so that after the middle-aged people to care about their best year check kidney, urine routine and renal function.

5, other: such as water electrolyte disorders, acid-base balance disorders, can cause acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis.

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