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What diseases are caused by Nephritis?

2017-02-04 15:15

What are complications of nephritis?

1. Anemia, anemia is the most common complications.Late chronic nephritis appears renal parenchyma damage,be complicated with a variety of abnormal blood system, such as anemia, abnormal platelet function, abnormal lymphocyte function and blood coagulation system obstacles, etc.  The main reasons of anemia are: erythropoiesis reduce;Red blood cell damage increase;Blood loss aggravate anemia.

2. High blood pressure, according to incomplete statistics, the incidence of hypertension in patients with chronic nephritis is up to 80%.Renal insufficiency, chronic nephritis often causes severe cardiovascular complications such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, and kidney function.Require renal replacement therapy patients, almost all have high blood pressure, chronic nephritis patients with high blood pressure has some characteristics, characterized by loss of physiological decline blood pressure at night, part can be pided into simple systolic hypertension.

3. Infection, As malignant stimulation factors of infection, infection often cause  acute episode of chronic nephritis.Kidney disease expert professor Lili pointed out that large amounts of protein loss, as a result of long-term albuminuria, malnutrition, immune dysfunction, easily complicated with infections.Such as respiratory tract infection, urinary tract and skin infections.

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