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What are the check projects of nephritis?

2017-02-04 15:14

Check project: routine urine,blood tests, renal function, the electrolyte check, urinary color Doppler ultrasound

Which check needs to do of nephritis?

(1) routine urine examination.

(2) the blood routine examination.

Acute nephritis may have slight anemia, generally hemoglobin is not less than 10g/100ml , white blood cells are normal.But early streptococcus infection or bacteria infection period, white blood cells can be increased, neutral classification increases.Blood sedimentation increase fast, can be up to 30 to 60 mm/hour.

(3) the renal function examination.

The majority of patients can have a creatinine clearance decreased, creatinine and urea nitrogen increased.General can quickly returned to normal after treatment.

(4) B ultrasound or CT examination.

Some patients have seen kidney volume increased.

(5) other special inspection.

Part patients with acute nephritis against streptococcus hemolysin "o" drops increased, elevating serum circulating immune complex, blood or urine fibrin degradation products (PDP) increased.Total serum complement (cH, o) and complement C reduced.

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