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More than three months of pregnancy can find out whether the

2017-01-30 16:40

44 year old female 

Health Advisory Description: Hello, I would like to consult, I am now pregnant for more than three months, you can find out there is no nephritis? Thank you

Want to get help: want to know more than three months of pregnancy can not find out if there is no congenital nephritis

Disease analysis:

Hello, often as you said in this case, in general, such symptoms, the current disease, there is a relatively large missed diagnosis rate.

Guiding opinions:

Now, generally speaking, three months is very bad to judge, you can consider going directly to the hospital to check for a good look.

Disease analysis:

Congenital nephrotic syndrome is an autosomal recessive disease.

Guiding opinions:

The renal volume and weight of the children with congenital nephrotic syndrome is 2-3 times of that of the normal kidney. It is suggested that the renal biopsy should be performed to observe the development of the fetus.


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