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Is nephritis serious?

2017-01-30 16:40

28 year old female 

Health Advisory Description: the incidence of these days, good treatment? How to treat? Where to go? Yan is not serious?

Disease analysis:

Glomerulonephritis is mainly involved in glomerular disease, which is caused by allergic reaction caused by hemolytic streptococcus,

Guiding opinions:

Divided into acute and chronic disease headiness, nephritis is a protracted process of long process, from the clinical need to determine disease severity in order to choose the suitable treatment plan, should pay attention to. The diet principle of low protein, low phosphorus, low salt diet, appropriate food vermicelli, vermicelli, potato, lotus root starch, liver, egg, tomato, red dates and green leafy vegetables, but also should pay attention to folic acid and vitamin B12. Be sure to pay attention to the intake of water.


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