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What should diet of purpura nephritis notice?

2017-01-29 15:32

1, pay attention to low protein. However, when you choose the food you still have to know the severity and symptoms of their own purpura nephritis, in order to determine the amount of protein should be absorbed. If the kidney function is not very serious patients, it can be properly absorbed. However, it is recommended to eat high protein foods. When the condition is serious, it can only take glucose, drink milk and eat eggs.

2, less salt, food should be light. Excessive intake of salt can cause edema, because renal function has declined, unable to absorb normal weight, so don't eat too much salt, sodium salt, do not eat too much control in less than 2 grams per day, can even eat some food without salt, can be used to replace the autumn stone salt when necessary.

3, more fruits and vegetables. There are rich in vitamins in fruits and vegetables, the purpura nephritis patients have great help, especially vitamin C, eat some tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fresh jujube, watermelon, kiwi these. But don't eat only vegetables, because amino acids necessary for human body vegetable protein is relatively small, but also appropriate to eat some animal protein to supplement the amino acid, do not eat banana, banana of purpura nephritis patients with adverse.

4, nephritis patients do not eat excitant food, and oil food. Pepper is a stimulating food, will affect the absorption of the kidney, people will have a negative impact on metabolism. Spicy foods like this should eat less. Of course, should not eat too much food, such spices are not conducive to digestion, is not conducive to nephritis patients.

5, must drink less. Wine is a lot of people are unable to drink, but it is great harm to the liver and kidneys, as chronic nephritis patients, more attention should be paid to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, the only way we can recover as soon as possible.

6, try to drink plenty of water. Fruit juice, vegetable juice, and so on the patients with Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis have certain benefits, water intake is conducive to the body's digestion and absorption function, so a lot of water intake necessary. You can also reduce swelling, to alleviate the condition, contribute to the rehabilitation.

Purpura nephritis patients, diet therapy is an important treatment method, pay attention to their usual diet, there are many taboos, of course, to maintain a good attitude, appropriate exercise is helpful for rehabilitation, diet therapy on Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis is very important, not sloppy, hope some key points and suggestions in the article above mentioned to help you. The attention of the diet needs a little bit of long-term adherence, so, although the recovery process is long, but I hope you can have a good mood to treat the treatment of Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis. I wish you good health.

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