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Chinese and Western medicine treatment of glomerulonephritis

2017-01-29 15:28

Nephritis is a kind of disease has plagued many people, if suffering from nephritis, not only the body will feel uncomfortable, affect our work efficiency, reduce the quality of our life, but also will cause some pressure to our mind. Glomerulonephritis can not only take western medicine therapy, can also take Chinese medicine therapy. Next, I will give you a specific about the treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, we recommend 8 patients with nephritis.

Western medicine treatment of glomerulonephritis by method of intravenous injection of drugs, while Chinese medicine treatment is fit to take some medicine, such as five kinds of disinfection drink and drink five yuebi skin plus cogongrass rhizome, Achyranthes and Plantago, or Ji Jiao Li pill five skin Drink Plus, white flowers, Pyrrosia diffusa students thearborvitae leaves and madder and Rhizoma imperatae, or Zishen Huayu Qingli Decoction on Poria and achyranthes.

Nephritis patients can eat some diet. 1, 37 chicken. We have to prepare some hen meat and 37. First wash the chicken, take 37 powder. Then put the chicken into the pot and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, remove the chicken, moved to stew, simmer until the chicken is done after adding 37 powder and some seasonings can be eaten. 2, we must be prepared to simmer garlic carp, carp and carp put some garlic, clean, add garlic and carp together into the cooker, add some boiled. Boil and cook for about an hour with a small fire. 3, ginger, jujube porridge. We need to prepare some fresh ginger, jujube and japonica rice. First ginger wash and then chopped, chopped ginger and jujube, rice porridge together. 4, red bean porridge. Prepare some red beans and rice. Boil them together and make porridge. 5, watermelon tea. Prepare some watermelon peel and some Green Tea. Blunt with boiling water on it. 6, white Perilla porridge. Prepare some onion, basil leaves and rice, the first rice porridge, add scallion and perilla leaf and boil it. 7, fresh melon stew. Prepare some melon and sugar, the melon wash cut into pieces, then add sugar and boiled. 8, white gourd spinach soup. The first white gourd handle into squares, spinach washed and cut into sections, mutton and ginger slices, onion; then add chopped green onion, stir fried mutton slices, add scallion, ginger, spinach, wax gourd, stir fry, add soup after boiling, add seasoning can.

Now, we should treat nephritis and nephritis treatment methods should have a certain understanding. In addition to eat some food, patients should also develop good eating habits, quit smoking avoid alcohol, avoid spicy, avoid excitant strong food. To develop good habits is also very important, patients should exercise more, to go outside to walk, breathe more fresh air, improve their body immunity.

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