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Early symptoms of chronic nephritis need attention, vigilanc

2017-01-29 15:25

The onset of chronic nephritis is hidden, the development of the disease is slow, and the chronic inflammation of the kidney is characterized by hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension and edema. In recent years, more and more patients suffering from chronic nephritis, but people do not understand the extent of the disease has been improved, today Xiaobian to tell you about the knowledge of chronic nephritis.

The onset of chronic nephritis is hidden, many people are unknowingly in accordance with the disease, in fact, the disease can appear in the early three symptoms, I hope the patient friends to be vigilant. A bubble urine, if it contains many small bubbles found themselves in the urine, and a long time still can not disappear, you need to pay attention; the second is the hematuria, found their urine red brown or red, and it is best to check to the hospital; three is edema, especially facial, eyelid and lower extremity edema this is the most intuitive, chronic nephritis, and friends of patients should pay attention.

The disease usually comes from the details of life, and chronic nephritis is no exception. Pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold cold, make the body resistance drops, easily lead to streptococcal infection caused by kidney disease; for patients with hyperuricemia patients not eat animal offal, beer, seafood and so on, to avoid increasing the burden on the kidneys; the edema symptoms, should limit the intake of salt and water, low salt diet drink less, avoid increase the burden of renal excretion; for occult blood in urine of patients, demonstrated slight kidney damage, so don't eat too much tonic, to prevent fire aggravating kidney damage; for patients suffering from acute kidney disease, must be timely to the hospital for treatment, and actively cooperate with the doctors, make the illness recovery, avoid illness in turn, will only increase the difficulty of treatment of chronic; life should pay attention to light diet, remember to eat spicy food, these foods are difficult to eliminate The drama will only increase the burden on the kidneys in the body, for patients with renal failure, we must strictly control the daily intake of salt, protein, water, to avoid the decline in renal function.

More about the knowledge of chronic nephritis, I believe a lot of friends are aware of the importance of protecting the kidney. Therefore, we should pay attention to their diet in life, it is best to develop a healthy eating habits, in order to better protect their kidneys. If you find yourself with more than three early symptoms, we must promptly to the hospital for treatment, to avoid exacerbations.

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