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Negative nephritis will be fine?

2017-01-15 16:04

In the ward met a patient Xiao Zhou, she together and talked a lot......

She is a kidney disease, in 5 years ago because of the emergence of legs edema to the hospital to check the diagnosis of nephritis, treatment for a period of on the negative. After nephritis negative, she didn't take any medicine or review. In October of this year, because the temperature is reduced without adding clothes in advance on a cold fever, sleep at night when there is not lying, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, to the hospital to check creatinine more than and 700. The local doctors did not give other treatment methods, just let the dialysis, and told Xiao Zhou, if not dialysis can endanger life.

In the communication with her to understand that the beginning of the arrangement is that every day, continuous dialysis for 4 days, creatinine down to more than and 400, but not to lie, breathing difficulties and other symptoms did not improve......

Xiao Zhou in order to get better treatment, on the Internet to find a lot of information, see our hospital. After discussing with her family, she decided to come here and try it.

Just to this through the color Doppler ultrasound examination found that her double kidney atrophy, creatinine 630 mol/L, uric acid 424 mol/L, urine volume is only 500ml, blood pressure 160/100mmHg. The attending doctor looked at her previous cases and had a simple understanding of her situation.

Xiao Zhou's condition is slowly developed into uremia, mainly because of her carelessness in life too. If she continues to take medicine for 1 years in the shade, and then regularly review, certainly not for uremia in just 5 years time. In fact, in the negative after she had swollen legs symptoms, but did not care too much, just eat some medicine diuresis. Her blood pressure at 160/100mmHg, although high, but in daily life and will not appear any symptoms, so she did not care. We must change the nephritis patients to measure the blood pressure in the negative moment, but also the time to go to the hospital, avoid long-term blood pressure caused by renal damage, but few people do not realize this point.

Xiao Zhou is 3 times a week in the local hospital dialysis law, since the use of Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital after a week as long as a dialysis, can be reduced to 377 mu mol/L creatinine and uric acid in 289 mol/L urine volume, now has risen to 1200ml, before the appearance of the sleep rough, breathing difficulties other symptoms are difficult to disappear.

Then, I asked the doctor, now does this, but also need to continue regular dialysis?

From the current treatment situation, Xiao Zhou after discharge without dialysis, but also need to continue taking medicine to consolidate treatment for a period of time, but also in our daily life to pay attention to rest not overworked, but also from time to time to review the hospital......

Zhou immediately to the hospital, after she returned home to want to follow the doctor's advice, must not be negligent.

So how to early detection of nephritis, to avoid the development of uremia it?

According to statistics, more than half of the uremia is developed from the nephritis, and the development of nephritis is one of the main causes of uremia, then how to effectively prevent the development of nephritis to uremia? The key is to clear the cause of early diagnosis, timely detection of symptoms of nephritis clear diagnosis, actively regulate the treatment, do a good job in the treatment of diet and other health work.

1, early detection of symptoms of nephritis. The early symptoms of nephritis is not obvious, generally showed edema, proteinuria, hematuria and other symptoms will appear, hypertension, low back pain, fatigue and other phenomena have before Shandong kidney disease hospital remind only found timely early detection of these symptoms to nephritis. 2, clear cause of the diagnosis of nephritis to make an accurate diagnosis. A lot of nephritis, almost the various body systems disease can cause nephritis, especially some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, infection, drugs can cause nephritis, in addition, long life is not the law, improper diet, cold also can cause nephritis, to make the right diagnosis. 3, accurate judgment of the disease after the disease, timely and standardized treatment. Patients with nephritis each different condition, according to the different patient's symptoms, such as proteinuria or hematuria, edema and hypertension, treatment with no impairment of renal function, standard treatment. When necessary, can choose Chinese medicine treatment, symptomatic treatment to eliminate the symptoms of nephritis at the same time, can fundamentally repair the damaged kidney cells, to achieve the purpose of treatment. 4, do a good job in daily diet and health care. Many nephritis patients think that as long as the treatment can be restored, in fact, the process and prognosis of diet and health care can not be ignored, to do a good job to consolidate the treatment, to prevent repeated exacerbations.

The story of Xiao Zhou, in just 5 years from nephritis developed into uremia, see the friends must learn a lesson, do not let such things happen in their own body. Share this article, I believe you can help more people.

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