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How to do acute nephritis turn into chronic nephritis?

2017-01-12 16:59

Description of the disease:

To review, creatinine rose to > 300, with a protein in the urine.Edema is more obvious, blood pressure is not stable.

The illness analyses: Hello, according to the history data you provide, unfortunately tell you, you are now not only is chronic glomerulonephritis problem, you are now creatinine > 300,  chronic renal failure azotemia, can be diagnosis and it cannot be cured, sorry, only to tell the truth, you may find it difficult to accept. But after all, is better than delayed treatment. 

Directive opinion: according to your present situation, suggest you 

1. attention rests, cannot overworked again, prevent infection. 

2. exam blood routine in patients with chronic renal failure azotemia has appeared renal anemia, then even in mild physical labor also will be very easy to feel tired and weak, so the blood tests is necessary to see whether occur renal anemia, if there is renal anemia, to oral iron, folic acid, and subcutaneous injection of erythropoietin. 

3. low protein diet with alpha keto acid tablets.  

4. can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine decoction. 

5. blood pressure, high blood lipid lowering will help improve renal function. Limited knowledge, I do not know whether to help you.


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