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Breakthrough treatment of IGA nephritis

2017-01-07 16:06

IgA nephritis is one of the chronic kidney disease, the treatments include Western medicine hormone treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, as well as the combination of Chinese and Western treatment. No matter what treatment, the key is symptomatic. For the use of Western hormone treatment attention to side effects of drugs. Chinese medicine treatment is not recommended if the prescription composition is unknown. In the treatment of the disease, mainly to control the disease to protect renal function, prevent complications.

For chronic diseases, during the treatment, "recuperation

" is also very important, it is recommended to live in low salt, low fat, high quality protein diet, pay attention to prevent colds, enhance physical fitness, to avoid fatigue, stay up all night, to maintain a good attitude. Treatment is as important as life. Can not ignore the attention of life, treatment should be symptomatic.

First, IgA nephropathy is a common chronic kidney diseases, at present for the treatment of hormone and immunosuppressive drugs, take these drugs at the same time there will be some side effects, because of physical and drug sensitivity is different, so the symptoms is not the same.

Second, for IgA nephropathy, life health guidance is very important, we must pay attention to diet (low salt and low-fat protein) to avoid fatigue, stay up late, the prevention of colds, and inflammatory diseases (rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.).

Third, there are many reasons for the incidence of chronic kidney disease, but also with their own immune disorders have a certain relationship, so to avoid physical health overdraft, to avoid such a basic condition for the treatment of colds.

Fourth, for the early exercise speaking can give appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging for ten minutes or more is not easy, in some outdoor fitness equipment, do some appropriate action, slowly orderly increase, but not for a long time, a large number of sports fatigue.

Fifth, to take medicine on time, hormone therapy can not stop their own drugs, and can not be to assess the state of their own feelings, for kidney disease, or kidney function, glomerular filtration rate.

Sixth, can amount to taking the medicine but cannot take the unknown components of the folk prescription, at the same time must be taken under the guidance or attending doctor.


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