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Children with nephritis use traditional Chinese medicine

2017-02-05 10:31

My little nephew (3 years) the recent appear facial edema,  in the hospital checked routine urine, high protein and other symptoms of nephritis, in the introduction of friends, looking for a local Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine will affect the development of children because of fear, but the traditional Chinese medicine drink for a week, children the situation is repeated

I can tell you that a US college of renal patients, nearly half of them are eating Chinese medicine leading to renal failure was over, our teacher will soon be stunned.

When the other department of Gastroenterology, the teacher told us the tumor, the cancer early treatment at last went to drink Chinese traditional medicine, advanced cancer, kidney had bad to have run back to his patient, lamented how these people do not care of your body. The feeling of the patient's life in his hand is too bad for my teacher.

So the Chinese medicine this thing, be careful.

Please go directly to the pediatric hospital


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