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Urine protein must be nephritis?

2017-01-06 16:35



Urine protein must be nephritis - from the cause of urinary protein to talk about what is the first look at the urine protein,

 urine protein is urine after acidification and heating and the detection of proteins. The normal 24 hour urine protein range 

is less than 0.15g, detection of urinary protein negative stereotypes. Such as the detection of urine protein 150 mg / day, 

that is, when the urine protein positive, indicating that the human body excretion of urine protein increased significantly, 

are abnormal urine protein. The urine protein remains positive, often represents the lesion of kidney, but not necessarily, 

urinary protein and cause the following situations: 1, healthy people will discharge some urine protein in healthy people will

appear very small amounts of urine protein, but in the qualitative as long as the color invariant test procuratorial negative

(a) is normal. In addition, the amount of urine protein was measured quantitatively, which was within the range of 100 mg per 

day. In addition, even if the body does not have obstacles, as long as there is intense exercise, cold, mental excitement, 

strong pressure, also can appear urinary protein. The disease is suspected to be abnormal value 2, suspected positive and 

positive is the exception of qualitative examination was positive (+ -), or positive (+) when it was considered abnormal. In 

addition, the quantitative review, the value of more than 100 mg a day is abnormal. Urinary protein is an abnormal value of 

the disease, some of the kidney itself, while others are caused by kidney disease. 3, outside of the cause of kidney disease 

caused by proteinuria outside of the cause of proteinuria caused by most of the benign, when the disease is cured, proteinuria

will disappear. Febrile diseases and other diseases caused by fever to more than thirty-eight degrees Celsius will appear 

proteinuria. The presence of proteinuria in a young man's spine when he bends down to the renal vessels. If not treated, 

before and after the age of thirty will automatically disappear. [kidney] urinary protein will appear congestion heart failure

and renal venous congestion, but when protein will fade away. 4, in addition, multiple myeloma, systemic lupus erythematosus, 

chronic rheumatic arthritis, gout, edema and other diseases of mercury poisoning, lead poisoning, urine protein.


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