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Daily attention of chronic nephritis

2017-01-06 16:34




First of all, to achieve a low protein diet, in the daily diet, low protein content, can delay kidney function, aging". In 

addition to the diet of patients with chronic nephritis should be vegetables, as well as rice, noodles, steamed bread and 

other carbohydrates based, you can eat fish, pork, eggs, milk and other high quality protein, but the number can not be more.

Secondly, we must always pay attention to blood pressure, high blood pressure is to promote the deterioration of renal 

function, cause accelerated glomerulosclerosis "". Therefore, the control of blood pressure is an important link in the 

treatment of chronic nephritis. Some antihypertensive drugs, not only can reduce blood pressure, but also to reduce 

proteinuria, protect the kidneys, so often as the treatment of choice. In any case, it is important to keep your blood 

pressure at an ideal level, such as 130/80mmHg.

Finally, avoid using drugs that damage the kidneys. As the saying goes: it is medicine three points poison. Many drugs are 

excreted through the kidneys, so they have more or less effect on the kidneys. In particular, some antibiotics, such as 

gentamicin, kanamycin, and so on, a lot of damage to the kidneys. Some drugs (such as cold medicines), even though they are 

not prescribed drugs, can damage the kidneys. Even some Chinese medicine, such as wood, has been shown to cause kidney disease,

 resulting in renal failure. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis medication need to be cautious, not blindly medication, can not be used as far as possible not to use drugs.

In conclusion, although chronic nephritis can not be cured, but as long as we found early, early treatment, to the regular 

hospital, a kidney specialist to heal, can control the disease and prolong life!


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