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Hematuria and proteinuria in nephritis

2017-01-05 16:19

Proteinuria, physiological overflow, tubular and small ball, in general the nephritis glomerular nephritis, which is mainly glomerular proteinuria. Glomerular proteinuria reflects the damage of the glomerular barrier in the filtration barrier, and the continuous filtration of the protein accelerates the hardening of the glomerulus, leading to impaired renal function. It can also induce interstitial and tubular damage. Therefore, proteinuria on the one hand reflects the presence and activity of renal glomerular disease, on the other hand, it can participate in the development of kidney disease independently and accelerate the kidney injury.

Hematuria can also be divided into glomerular and non glomerular origin. The relationship between non glomerular origin and kidney. Renal hematuria can be divided into microscopic hematuria and hematuria, now some people think that simple hematuria, if not associated with elevated blood pressure and kidney dysfunction and proteinuria, does not affect the life, such as familial benign hematuria, followed up for decades on the kidney and the life had no effect.

Therefore, the clinical significance of hematuria and proteinuria vary widely.

The other known against individual chemists, but Shenyankangfu tablets and compound nephritis tablets and hematuria capsule and hematuria capsule I didn't see a credible and effective evidence-based medicine. In other words, these drugs basically nonsense, or placebo.

Some antihypertensive drugs have renal protective effects independent of the antihypertensive effect. Strongly recommended oh. Specific drugs, please follow the doctor's advice.


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