• What aspects can judge the severity of chronic nephritis?

    2018-05-19 16:57:43

    The course of the disease of chronic nephritis is a long process, and the accurate judgment of the condition directly determines the treatment method to be taken. For example, hormones and immunosuppressants are currently the main drugs for the treatment ...


  • What Harm Does Chronic Nephritis Bring to Oneself If Pregnan

    2018-03-16 20:11:14

    Chronic glomerulonephritis itself is the bodys kidney organs are damaged, and it has been invaded by high blood pressure, urine protein, occult blood for a long time. The condition may be treated for a long period of time, and the damage to the kidney cau...


  • How to rest and exercise properly in patients with chronic n

    2018-02-24 18:19:33

    Chronic glomerulonephritis is a group of glomerular diseases with perse etiology, different pathological forms and similar clinical manifestations. The patient is also particularly critical in the treatment of diseases . Therefore, patients with nephritis...


  • What are the suggestions for the treatment of Henoch-Schonle

    2018-02-13 18:09:37

    Many patients with Henoch-Schonlein purpura are very troubled after suffering from nephropathy. The external treatment of skin diseases has left them exhausted and unseen nephropathy, as if the whole person had fallen into despair. Allergic purpura and re...


  • Does purpura nephritis infection? What are the treatment met

    2017-12-31 17:06:31

    Many allergic purpura nephritis patients will wonder whether the disease will be transmitted, may be due to the disease is due to bacteria, infections caused by the symptoms. So allergic purpura nephritis contagious it? The occurrence of allergic purpura ...


  • Why the relapse rate of lupus nephritis is high?

    2017-12-21 17:21:14

    Lupus nephritis diet is the concern of many patients with lupus nephritis. The quality of the diet has a certain impact on the treatment of the disease. Not only does lupus nephritis have a high recurrence rate, but about 20% of lupus nephritis patients d...


  • How far from chronic nephritis to uremia?

    2017-12-15 16:32:20

    Many of the patients is the beginning of a slight urine protein, because do not pay attention to the treatment, themself feel good, long time of renal function worsened, cause uremia; also that although symptoms of nephritis is very serious, but manage le...


  • What are the common treatment options for IGA nephropathy?

    2017-12-09 17:26:18

    IgA nephropathy is the most common primary glomerular disease, it belongs to the mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, but has also become a pathological type alone, so now often say mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, actually refers to the...


  • How should the chronic nephritis patients keep fit in winter

    2017-11-25 17:11:17

    Health skills of patients with chronic nephritis in Winter, simply say that well breakfast, full lunch, less dinner. 1, 7am~9am, the stomach by the value of chronic nephritis patients have to eat breakfast, then nutrition is easily absorbed, lay the mater...


  • How long does it take from acute nephritis to chronic nephri

    2017-11-23 17:36:37

    Nephritis, I believe many people have heard, and also feel that it is not strange, including the fear of nephritis, you have heard, what diabetic nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, renal failure, uremia, etc., may be developed from nephritis. As you all kno...


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