• Does chronic renal failure require dialysis therapy?

    2017-06-28 16:22:01

    Chronic renal failure is a chronic kidney disease pathological damage, deterioration of the results, is a variety of chronic kidney disease, such as chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, gouty kidney disease, lupus nephritis, hypertensive kidn...

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  • Dialysis treatment of renal failure affect it?

    2017-06-28 16:21:01

    How does traditional Chinese medicine recognize chronic renal failure? Kidney disease hospital experts to answer your questions: dialysis treatment of renal failure affect it? Renal failure is the development of various chronic kidney disease to the late ...


  • Does kidney failure be dialyzed?

    2017-06-28 16:19:26

    Does kidney failure be dialyzed? Renal failure is a progressive decline in the function of the kidneys after fibrosis lesions, resulting in a variety of metabolic balance (water, electrolyte, acid-base balance) disorders, the body of the system will be re...

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  • Are patients with chronic renal failure requiring dialysis?

    2017-06-28 16:18:47

    Does chronic kidney failure require dialysis? Experts said that after suffering from chronic renal failure, often need to be dialysis treatment. Many patients do not think dialysis, then, listen to the recommendations of the experts of the Department of N...

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  • Interpretation of renal failure can be cured without dialysi

    2017-06-28 16:18:14

    Interpretation of renal failure can be cured without treatment, renal failure to the late doctors are generally recommended patients with dialysis treatment, dialysis treatment because of a certain dependence on the line, so many patients do not want to d...

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  • How long can kidney therapy be used for dialysis therapy?

    2017-06-28 16:17:14

    Renal failure dialysis patients can live long? Experts, the treatment of renal failure method is a lot of clinical, dialysis is one of the more common. This treatment, although the treatment of renal failure can be effective, but still have some side effe...


  • In patients with chronic renal failure in what circumstances

    2017-06-28 16:16:28

    General use of non-dialysis treatment, such as diet, exercise and symptomatic treatment. The same time as the above-The principle of non-dialysis treatment is: (1) to reduce the residual kidney unit load. Mainly through diet regulation, such as in the mak...


  • Peritoneal dialysis is effective in treating renal failure

    2017-06-28 16:14:35

    As the peritoneal dialysis operation is very simple, no other special equipment, can be used for the treatment of a variety of severe diseases, it is widely used in clinical practice. And peritoneal dialysis treatment is more stable, to avoid a sharp redu...


  • Treatment of renal failure by peritoneal dialysis

    2017-06-28 16:13:53

    What is the effect of peritoneal dialysis in treating renal failure? Is a lot of patients with kidney failure and their families are particularly concerned about the problem. As the peritoneal dialysis operation is very simple, no other special equipment,...

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  • Is dialysis the only treatment for renal failure?

    2017-06-28 16:12:57

    Weekdays, we often hear some friends with renal failure for dialysis treatment, so many people with kidney disease also have such a question: renal failure must dialysis? On this issue we are also well-known domestic kidney disease experts get the answer,...

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