• Renal failure potassium diet

    2017-01-06 18:33:15

    Renal insufficiency, renal potassium excretion, the occurrence of hyperkalemia, may cause finger numbness, fatigue, limb weakness, chest tightness, severe cardiac arrest life-threatening. Therefore, patients with renal insufficiency should...


  • Renal failure nursing care plan

    2017-01-06 18:21:55

    One, single room. Indoor air fresh, clean, regular air disinfection to prevent infection. Two, absolute bed rest, convulsions coma should take protective measures to prevent falling bed. Irritability, the use of sedatives, maintain airway p...


  • Renal failure management

    2017-01-06 16:30:44

    The 1 primary disease and cause treatment for the initial diagnosis of CRF patients, must actively attach importance to the diagnosis of primary disease, chronic nephritis, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis and IgA nephropathy, diabetic ne...


  • Method for treating senile renal failure

    2017-01-06 16:29:49

    (a) general treatment: the treatment principle is similar to renal failure in the elderly and young people, but the elderly renal failure still has some special attention to diet, reasonable treatment plan is the key to the treatment of chr...


  • Renal failure nursing measures

    2017-01-05 16:17:40

    Renal failure is a serious disease of the kidney, serious and even cause the death of patients, need to cause our attention, active treatment. So how to care for patients with renal failure? A lot of people in the treatment of renal failure...


  • Is kidney failure can be dead?

    2017-01-03 15:20:01

    These days, editor watched a TV series: adapted from the novel energy-saving. There is a fragment of the play: Chen he played Lin three, his sister got the disease with us: kidney failure! Finally died! There are 2 points to be clarified: 1...


  • What harmful does kidney failure to the body?

    2017-01-03 15:19:38

    The damage of renal failure, we must be extra attention, because there are a lot of damage to renal failure, need us early recognition and face, and actively looking for a suitable solution, so it can help you to actively carry out treatment...


  • Kidney failure does not want to dialysis?

    2017-01-03 15:18:47

    Mrs. Ye is a girl from Guangxi, University study is Chinese medicine, after graduation work in the pharmacy , things happen in a few months ago. That day she is busy in her work as usual, suddenly dizzy to land... Colleagues quickly caught...


  • What are the complications of renal failure

    2017-01-03 15:17:53

    Renal failure is often associated with hypertension, anemia, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, disorders of water and acid-base imbalance, renal osteodystrophy, fracture, infection etc.. In addition to the above complications, chr...


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