• Renal failure caused by urinary closure how to treat?

    2017-07-01 10:21:28

    Closed urine refers to 24 hours urine output less than 100mL or 12 hours without anuria, severe cases can lead to dysuria. Dysuria is the main difficulty of dysuria, severe cases of non-urinary excretion of the disease, there are short-term adverse urine ...

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  • Prevention of renal failure, starting from children

    2017-07-01 10:20:53

    Whether the child CKD, or adult CKD, the incidence is very high, and awareness, control rate is very low. World Kidney Day set up the purpose is to arouse peoples concern for the CDK, to improve the level of understanding of CKD. Various factors leading t...

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  • The main causes of renal failure: diabetes and high blood pr

    2017-06-30 18:09:52

    Diabetes and high blood pressure can cause kidney failure, known as diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy. Once the conditiondeteriorate to these two disease, the patient willsuffermore pain, then, how to control diabetes and high blood pressu...

    Tags:renal failur,diabetes,high blood p

  • How to treat hypertension of kidney failure stage 5?

    2017-06-30 18:03:01

    Hypertension is a common symptom of chronic renal failure, many patients with renal failure are oftensufferedwithhigh blood pressure, because high blood pressure often cause dizziness, headache, nausea, etc, so patients and their families want to know how...

    Tags:kidney failu,hypertension

  • Causes and therapies of chest pain in renal failure

    2017-06-30 17:53:20

    Renal failure patients are often accompanied by a lot of painful symptoms, in which chest pain is a serious impact on peoples normal work and life. In order to alleviate or even eliminate your pain, then, please understand the cause of kidney failure ches...

    Tags:renal failur,chest pain

  • Can kidney failure be treated only by dialysis?

    2017-06-28 16:39:53

    Can kidney failure be treated only by dialysis? Renal failure can be pided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure disease progression is rapid, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood supply, patients need to carefully choose the treatment ...

    Tags:kidney failu

  • Only dialysis can cure kidney failure?

    2017-06-28 16:38:23

    Dialysis is the most effective way to treat renal failure, not only to speed up the treatment of renal failure, but also to prevent the occurrence of complications of renal failure. So in addition to kidney failure, we can also take what method of treatme...

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  • Treatment of chronic renal failure can be untreated?

    2017-06-28 16:37:19

    Chronic renal failure, is a variety of chronic kidney diseases such as chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, gouty kidney disease, lupus nephritis, recurrent urinary tract infection and hypertensive kidney damage and other final outcome. In Ch...

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  • Renal failure hemodialysis treatment

    2017-06-28 16:36:47

    In clinical practice, hemodialysis treatment principle is based on the principle of balance on both sides of the semi-permeable membrane, when the membrane on both sides of the solute concentration is different when the infiltration concentration is not t...

    Tags:Renal failur

  • Patients with chronic renal failure require a dialysis treat

    2017-06-28 16:36:18

    General use of non-dialysis treatment, such as diet, exercise and symptomatic treatment. The principle of non-dialysis treatment is: (1) to reduce the residual kidney unit load. Mainly through diet regulation, such as in the make up the daily calorie on t...

    Tags:chronic rena

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