• Pediatric nephrotic syndrome common complications

    2017-07-01 10:34:13

    Nephrotic syndrome (NS) can be caused by a variety of causes, increased glomerular basement membrane permeability, manifested as a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, highly edema, hyperlipidemia, a group of clinical syndrome. 1, infection Is th...

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  • Colon dialysis in the treatment of renal failure indications

    2017-07-01 10:33:23

    Colonic dialysis indications: 1. There is no need for hemodialysis or peritoneal early and middle stage renal failure patients; 2. physical and economic conditions difficult to bear hemodialysis and peritoneal renal failure patients; 3. Gout, acute hyperu...

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  • Why is there anemia in renal failure?

    2017-07-01 10:32:29

    Anemia is one of the most common symptoms of chronic renal failure, and the degree of anemia and renal damage are often consistent. But anemia is a slow decline in the process, so the patient tolerance is stronger than normal, many patients although anemi...

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  • Treatment strategy of elderly patients with chronic renal f

    2017-07-01 10:31:44

    Chronic failure is the final outcome of a variety of nephropathy, including primary glomerular diseases such as chronic nephritis, secondary glomerular diseases such as hypertensive kidney damage, and diabetic nephropathy. Elderly due to increased age, a ...

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  • Dietary Therapy for Chronic Renal Failure

    2017-07-01 10:30:07

    After years of clinical experience, the current consensus is that when the patients renal function in the early and mid-stage damage stage, that is, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) greater than 25 ml / min or so, the protein intake per kilogram Weight is...

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  • Can renal failure be treated well and out of dialysis?

    2017-07-01 10:29:29

    One of the important questions that patients with renal failure need to be clear is whether the damage to renal function is acute or chronic? 1, acute renal damage can be a lot of effective treatment can be obtained by all or part of the relief, can be po...

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  • Diabetic nephropathy, how to do kidney failure?

    2017-07-01 10:27:37

    Diabetic nephropathy late, able to play the function of the number of nephrons less and less, for the body of the waste generated by the excretion of waste, while the balance of water in the body, electrolyte balance, pH balance is also out of balance. In...

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  • Inhibit the pace of chronic renal failure

    2017-07-01 10:26:45

    Speaking of chronic renal failure, many people may not mind, and talk about uremia, then talk about tiger color change. In fact, uremia is the terminal stage of chronic renal failure. It can be seen that chronic renal failure is the culprit of human healt...

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  • How is chronic renal failure toxins excreted?

    2017-07-01 10:23:26

    Method: Tongfu Jiangzhuo side of the drug composition: raw rhubarb 30 grams, black with 5 grams, 5 grams of Asarum, calcined oyster 30 grams, 10 grams of Alisma, Guizhi 10 grams, 30 grams of dandelion, Huaihua 30 grams, June snow 30 grams and other boiled...

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  • Experience of treatment of renal failure with superior vena

    2017-07-01 10:22:27

    1, case summary Patient, male, 53 years old, retired, engaged in waterproof construction work for 12 years. Diabetes history of more than 15 years, now winter insulin 30R as early as 13 IU, 10 IU subcutaneous injection, blood glucose control in 8mmol / L ...

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