• Dietary problems of chronic renal failure

    2017-08-24 18:43:37

    After eating the disease, what food to eat can help us to restore health as soon as possible, it is a lot of patients concerned about the issue of patients, for patients with chronic renal failure is no exception, a scientific diet can be better adjuvant ...

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  • Six principles of protection of kidney and precaution of ren

    2017-08-21 17:34:55

    Six principles of protection of kidney and precaution of renal failure: monitor blood pressure. Hypertension is also the most common cause of kidney damage. Blood pressure between 120/80 mm Hg and 139/89 mm Hg is early hypertension, this time should activ...

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  • How should chronic kidney failure need to be raised?

    2017-08-21 17:29:43

    How can chronic kidney failure adjust the recovery that is advantageous to the disease? TCM experts in our hospital advise patients to be adjusted from rest, diet and mood. Active removal of factors such as infection, acute diarrhea, fever and nephrotoxic...

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  • Tongshantang hospital: the prevention of acute renal failure

    2017-08-21 17:19:20

    Renal tumors occur in forty to seventy years old, men with polycystic kidney disease and hereditary kidney disease have a family history of kidney disease. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and nephritis in young patients often lead to chronic renal failure...

    Tags:prevention o,tongshantang

  • Knowledge of acute renal failure prevention

    2017-08-18 17:22:10

    Pay attention to changes in urine The shape of the urine is one of the indicators of renal function, the majority of the body of the waste are filtered from the kidneys after discharge from the urine should always observe the color of their own urine (nor...

    Tags:acute renal

  • Why does kidney failure cause hair loss?

    2017-07-31 15:34:55

    Renal failure is a very serious disease, causing great harm to human body, but also cause a variety of complications, hair loss is one of them. So, why does kidney failure cause hair loss? We all know that kidney failure is a very serious disease, and eve...

    Tags:kidney failu,hair loss

  • What are the common complications of patients with renal fai

    2017-07-31 15:31:51

    What are the common complications ofpatients with renal failure ?Renal failure in patients with improper treatment can lead to various complications, the common complications include anemia, heart failure, stroke or hypertension, uremic encephalopathy, et...

    Tags:renal failur,complication

  • What are the precautions for treating chronic renal failure?

    2017-07-31 15:28:22

    Have a chronic renal failure must be timely treatment, choose their own treatment, to avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment. What are the precautionsfor treating chronic renal failure? Lets learn about it. Because the kidney is the main excretory organ of t...

    Tags:chronic rena

  • What are the stages of chronic kidney failure?

    2017-07-30 16:23:55

    What are the stages of chronic kidney failure? Renal failure is pided into chronic renal failure and acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure can be pided into five periods: renal function, azo, renal failure and uremia. Here are five stages of chronic ...

    Tags:chronic kidn

  • How to take care of chronic kidney failure patients?

    2017-07-30 16:20:02

    Chronic kidney failure referred to as CKD, it is a clinical syndrome group caused by a variety of chronic diseases lead to kidney damage and progressive deterioration, make disorder of excretion of metabolic waste and regulation of water, electrolyte, aci...

    Tags:chronic kidn

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