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There are three major signs of gout development to kidney fa

2018-04-06 19:06

Gout is caused by increased purine biosynthesis, increased uric acid production, or increased uric acid in the blood due to poor uric acid excretion. Uric acid crystals are deposited in the joint synovium, bursa, cartilage, and other tissues. Inflammatory diseases. Prolonged gout can also cause kidney damage and kidney failure.

There are three major signs of gout development to kidney failure!

Gout itself is not the most terrible, gout is the most terrible place is easy to cause some complications. About half of gout patients have hypertension. In addition to renal hypertension due to renal dysfunction, gout patients with obesity are also one of the reasons. Hypertensive treatment drugs often use antihypertensive diuretics, will inhibit uric acid excretion, and increase the uric acid value. Therefore, if patients with gout have high blood pressure during the review process and have a long duration, they should be vigilant and it is best to perform a renal function test.

Creatinine is one of the indicators for measuring whether the human kidney function is normal. However, in general, the renal compensatory ability is strong. When the kidney is not damaged to a certain extent, the patient often does not have discomfort symptoms. When the glomerular filtration rate drops to more than 50% of the normal, the serum creatinine starts to rise rapidly. Your blood creatinine value has exceeded the normal number several times, indicating that the kidney has been damaged, and you must find out the cause and promptly treat it.

Many humans have detected high levels of urinary protein, but they do not care because there are no obvious symptoms of discomfort. However, in fact, long-term high urinary protein will gradually damage the kidney function, eventually leading to kidney failure. Therefore, even if only one "+" is detected in urinary protein, timely treatment should be performed to restore the urinary protein to normal levels.

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