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6 routine maintenance methods for patients with renal failur

2017-12-13 15:47

Note the regulation of emotion: in patients with renal failure, must establish the confidence to fight with the disease, because of renal failure disease slow stretches, so to maintain the confidence and determination of treatment; moreover, grumpy, worries will cause liver damage, secretion system confusion disorders, and direct injury of renal function.

6 routine maintenance methods for patients with renal failure!

Taboo to mess take anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs: such as cold medicine and antibiotics, before the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, must be taken in under the guidance of doctors, because of improper, because the wrong use of cold medicines and antibiotics can lead to endocrine disorders, seriously affect the patient's condition is stable!

Combine work and rest: in daily work, whether it is physical or mental labor, all nephritis patients do not fatigue, should rest, otherwise it will increase the metabolism is not normal, it will increase the burden of renal function, and renal damage. As an important means of proper rest is to improve disease. Patients should be mild abnormal urine test should pay attention to the general activity of nephropathy during the recovery period, to avoid excessive physical labor. Severe symptoms, such as severe edema, proteinuria, hematuria, severe infection, severe renal anemia, bed rest, to ease and stability good condition. To ensure adequate sleep, take a nap every day.

Prevention and treatment of bacterial infection: This is also very important for patients. Skin infection and upper respiratory tract infection are the inducements of acute nephritis, and also important factors for recurrent and aggravated kidney disease.

Diet principles: adequate protein intake; adequate intake of calories. Pay attention to the control of water and salt intake; avoid food containing high potassium and high phosphorus diet. Do not include the consumption of contaminated food, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth..

Keep your stool unobstructed: usually under normal circumstances, therefore, keeping your bowels open is very good for protecting the kidneys and reducing the burden of kidneys. Usually, drinking more water, urinating regularly, keeping your stool free and eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help defecate.


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