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Does smoking easily get kidney function failure?

2017-09-30 17:24

Smoking is very easy to cause renal failure. Kidney failure is pided into acute and chronic. Hemodialysis is one of the safe, easy and widely used methods of purifying the blood. The basic principle of hemodialysis is to separate and purify the blood by the diffusion method.

Does smoking easily get kidney function failure?

Smoking causes the situation of kidney failure should be treated in time, what kind of treatment method does the person with kidney failure? The specific method is as follows:

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment has a good effect on kidney failure, treatment with traditional Chinese medicine activation of blood circulation, kidneys, detoxification, to dredge the kidney, to activate kidney function, can promote and improve the microcirculation of Atrophy Kidney necrosis, accelerate kidney metabolism, make the drug's effective components to play a role, repair the glomerulus, improve glomerular weight gain.

Proteins: patients without limited dialysis, because the kidneys can not metabolize the waste produced by the protein metabolism, makes the condition of kidney failure more severe, therefore, it is recommended to reduce protein intake; however, if there is dialysis, it should be noted that in dialysis, the loss of protein in the body, well should be with the advice of your doctor to maintain the needs of the body.

Smoking can lead to the contraction of the medium and small arteries, and decreased renal blood supply will affect renal function. Attention to diet low in salt, intake of high quality protein such as egg white, fresh water, lean meat and so, avoid spicy food, it is best to avoid smoking; usually pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, avoid the cold and so on.

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