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How should chronic kidney failure need to be raised?

2017-08-21 17:29

How can chronic kidney failure adjust the recovery that is advantageous to the disease? TCM experts in our hospital advise patients to be adjusted from rest, diet and mood. Active removal of factors such as infection, acute diarrhea, fever and nephrotoxicity. 

Patients should pay attention to rest in bed, and can take proper walks when physical strength permits. It is not suitable for exercise or qigong. You should pay attention to your diet, adjust your intake of protein, heat, water, salt and phosphorus and potassium, and avoid cold, greasy food. In peacetime patient should maintain optimistic mood, build the confidence to defeat disease. 

What drug does the patient with kidney failure creatinine take? Renal insufficiency patients take kidney failure, can be beneficial qi and invigorating spleen, invigorating blood and blood stasis, and the function of turbidity. It is used for spleen inshipment and stasis block. 

The lumbar pain and fatigue caused by the lifting and lifting disorder, the complexion of sclerotic, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, poor urination, and chronic renal insufficiency of feces and various causes. 

How do the patient of chronic kidney failure raise? Renal failure in daily care, long-term use of renal failure ning will obtain good results in a short period of time can protect the patient's health, reduce the pain of torture, but often lead to illness for inducing factors of recurrence, and will be using the side effects of hormone. 

These are the daily conditioning methods for patients with kidney failure, and if there is any need to know about kidney disease, consult our online expert. 

How should chronic kidney failure need to be raised

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