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Tongshantang hospital: the prevention of acute renal failure

2017-08-21 17:19

Renal tumors occur in forty to seventy years old, men with polycystic kidney disease and hereditary kidney disease have a family history of kidney disease. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and nephritis in young patients often lead to chronic renal failure. Patients with this type of kidney disease should undergo regular examinations to avoid deterioration of the disease in renal failure.

Urine shape is an indicator of renal function, to waste most of the body is filtered from the kidney from the urine after should always observe their urine color (light yellow or dark yellow normal) is beneficial to early diagnosis and early treatment

With the rapid development of economy, people's life quality is improving, more people are rich in food, dinner, friends of the pursuit of more and high-grade supplements become common diet, but also brought a series of side effects, if many people because of excess nutrients or high fat food caused by the series of "such as your disease": gout, diabetes and hypertension and three kinds of diseases can cause kidney damage in different degree, the main causes of three kinds of diseases is diet, tongshantang kidney disease hospital expert advice: do not over eat high protein food, because of the large amount of protein intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, renal damage, resulting in renal failure.

Generally do not drink water, people often have urinary excretion of urinary tract inflammation, hyperuricemia or other metabolic diseases (such as parathyroid hyperfunction of chronic intestinal diseases in patients with sarcoma syndrome) people are prone to kidney stones, kidney stones may cause obstructive hydronephrosis, renal failure

The above is about the prevention of acute renal failure. If you need more information, you can consult our online expert.

Tongshantang hospital: the prevention of acute renal failure

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