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The main causes of renal failure: diabetes and high blood pr

2017-06-30 18:09
Diabetes and high blood pressure can cause kidney failure, known as "diabetic nephropathy" and "hypertensive nephropathy." Once the condition deteriorate to these two disease, the patient will suffer more pain, then, how to control diabetes and high blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of renal failure?
How to prevent diabetic nephropathy?
1. Diabetic patients must be treated in a timely manner to prevent elevated blood pressure;
2. Diabetes patients with course of more than 5 years must always check the renal function and proteinuria, and blood pressure and do fundus examination, early prevention and detection of diabetic nephropathy;
3. Adequate vitamins and trace elements, especially vitamin B, vitamin C, and zinc, calcium, iron, etc, because they have a protective effect on the kidneys.
4. In order to protect the kidneys better, diabetic patients should also limit the intake of salt and protein, not eat or eat less fruit, strictly control blood sugar.
How to prevent hypertensive nephropathy?
Hypertension and nephropathy are closely related to the incidence of hypertension caused by nephropathy is getting higher and higher, of which patients with kidney disease have more than 90%. Because the blood pressure of blood vessels in patients with hypertension increased, if have a long term of high blood pressure, it will increase the impact of blood on the heart, increase the burden on the heart, but the heart will provide blood to the kidneys, to maintain the normal operation of the kidney loss of blood, the kidneys will appear ischemic hypoxia. Therefore, high blood pressure can lead to renal failure. What is the main measure to prevent hypertensive nephropathy?
1. Hypertension history more than 5 years, if the test shows increased microalbumin, should be highly vigilant.
2. If nocturia increased, while proteinuria or hematuria at the same time, should always check the renal function, blood pressure and do fundus examination.
3. Avoid contact with metal and nephrotoxic drugs.
Above is about diabetes and high blood pressure caused by renal failure reasons, and how to prevent diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy measures, hoping to help you. If you have any questions, you can consult our online doctor for free.
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