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Can kidney failure be treated only by dialysis?

2017-06-28 16:39

Can kidney failure be treated only by dialysis? Renal failure can be pided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure disease progression is rapid, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood supply, patients need to carefully choose the treatment method, in the treatment of renal failure method, dialysis method is some patients in the choice , But there will be complications, the patient should be carefully selected method, then in the end kidney failure can only rely on dialysis?

Can kidney failure be treated only by dialysis? Of course not, this is only one of the treatment, dialysis has a quick advantage, but dialysis is not a fundamental treatment of renal failure, but easy to produce a variety of complications:

1, abdominal organ injury, occurred in the abdominal cavity with adhesions, intubation is too hard to cause organ damage.

2, bleeding, uremic patients because of coagulation dysfunction, easy to occur in the intubation bleeding, and skin and muscle bleeding, bleeding, blood flow into the abdominal cavity after the emergence of bloody dialysis.

3, catheter dysfunction, that is, peritoneal infusion or outflow of a problem, which includes the reasons for the tunnel catheter twist, catheter shift, omental and fibrin clot blockage. The relationship between the former and the postoperative subcutaneous tunnel contracture.

Patients for the choice of methods, experts recommend the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, from the fundamental treatment, the patient will not appear recurrence of the phenomenon, especially kidney disease hospital nephrotic center therapy, for the treatment of patients, nursed back to the patient's body.

Therapy to prevent kidney cells continue to damage, through multiple routes of administration, multi-channel detoxification, multi-channel recovery of renal function, from the fundamental regulation of immune function, improve the body and kidney blood circulation, reduce the burden on the kidneys, Reduce the formation of renal active substances, antagonize glomerulosclerosis, inhibition of renal interstitial fibrosis, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of renal failure.

Renal failure can only rely on dialysis treatment of the problem is the above, the patient should be careful to choose treatment, therapy for patients with treatment, nursed back to the patient's body, the patient can be faster to restore the body, on the treatment, patients can be online consultation, Experts will give you a detailed introduction.

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