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Renal failure hemodialysis treatment

2017-06-28 16:36

In clinical practice, hemodialysis treatment principle is based on the principle of balance on both sides of the semi-permeable membrane, when the membrane on both sides of the solute concentration is different when the infiltration concentration is not the same, the solute will be from the high side of the semi-permeable membrane To the low side of the concentration, and the water will be from the low side of the flow to the side of the high concentration, and finally to the dynamic balance. In hemodialysis, the arterial blood into the dialyzer, the semipermeable membrane dialysis, remove the accumulation of blood in the metabolites, small molecules and excessive water, and then the blood from the venous end into the body.


For patients, before the hemodialysis should be established before the vascular access, the current domestic chronic renal failure in hemodialysis commonly used in arteriovenous fistula and arteriovenous fistula method. Arteriovenous fistula is selected radial artery and accompanying the venous veins were intubation, both in the skin outside the joint, the formation of arteriovenous in vitro shunt. The advantages of hemodialysis for surgery is simple, easy to connect dialysis. Disadvantages are long-term use prone to infection, while easy to produce vascular inflammation, thrombosis and local skin necrosis, catheter bleeding and so on. Arteriovenous fistula method has the advantage of less chance of infection, easy to move, relatively less damage to the blood vessels, but at least 8-12 weeks to wait until after intravenous arterial use, premature use of complications. The disadvantage is that each dialysis need to puncture blood vessels, blood pump must be used. Due to frequent puncture easy hematoma formation and vascular embolism. Patients in the treatment should be necessary to know the principle of dialysis treatment, it is recommended that patients with dialysis treatment is not a long-term treatment of kidney disease itself is the fundamental treatment of the disease.

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