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Interpretation of renal failure can be cured without dialysi

2017-06-28 16:18

Interpretation of renal failure can be cured without treatment, renal failure to the late doctors are generally recommended patients with dialysis treatment, dialysis treatment because of a certain dependence on the line, so many patients do not want to dialysis treatment, that renal failure is not dialysis treatment Can you control the condition? The following is the kidney disease experts on renal failure can not be cured of the introduction.

We first come to know what is going on?

Renal failure can be pided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure disease progression is rapid, usually due to kidney blood supply (such as trauma or burns), the kidneys caused by a certain cause of damage caused by damage or poison damage caused by Acute renal failure. The main cause of chronic renal failure for long-term kidney disease, with the time and disease, the function of the kidney gradually decreased, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure.

Does renal failure do not cure?

Generally for patients with renal failure, serum creatinine in 500umol / L the following, their feelings are not serious and no other complications of patients is not dialysis, and should be active drug treatment, but the drug treatment of patients must not be anxious, Because the kidney nephrons have more than 100 million patients with renal dysfunction, no matter how good medical technology needs a process, the kidney function is gradually restored, like the body of the stab wounds, if necessary to repair is the time required.

Dialysis is a necessary choice for chronic renal failure to control complications. When the renal function of chronic renal failure damage to a body of endotoxin can not be excreted through the kidneys in the body, the body will be a serious damage to various organs, especially in the heart, brain, kidney, blood and other serious damage, will involve the safety of patients , At this time if not dialysis to the body of the toxins as soon as possible discharge of various organs of the function failure will soon affect the patient's life. Patients should be in the absence of life under the premise of other aspects of active treatment.

Treatment of chronic renal failure is not necessarily dialysis can not rely solely on dialysis.

Dialysis is a manual alternative to kidney detoxification method, is a only standard (only play a role in alternative detoxification) and can not restore renal function (palliative) effect; if not timely, standardized, effective dialysis, toxins soon rise, also Will seriously damage the organs.

Since dialysis can not really cure chronic renal failure, chronic renal failure can not dialysis? Chronic renal failure how to treat? Experts recommend chronic renal failure patients with "ultra-low frequency electric pulse" technology!

Nephrology with high-end equipment for the treatment of nephropathy, points to complete the closure of the process of blocking renal failure - to promote cell regeneration and repair of renal function - to improve creatinine, urea nitrogen scavenging ability of three steps:

The first step: ultra-low frequency electric pulse kidney disease treatment machine, activation of damaged kidney cells metabolic function, improve renal failure in patients with internal environmental disorders and hypoxia, for the repair to create a good internal environment, the supply of essential substances to repair the kidney: , Trace elements, amino acids and proteins, repair glomerular mechanical barrier and charge barrier of the organizational structure, to restore glomerular selective filtration function; the second step: the whole computer high frequency infrared hyperthermia kidney disease treatment machine, so that the kidney tissue Treatment of temperature and maintain a certain period of time, high temperature heating can relieve renal vasospasm to promote renal blood circulation, so that necrotic tubular epithelial cell regeneration, promote cell activation and regeneration, improve glomerular basement membrane permeability, repair renal function. High-frequency infrared heating can make blood vessels to expand, increase blood flow, increase the secretion of urine, promote metabolites, inflammatory products, pain substances and bacterial toxins excretion and elimination, restore renal function, prevent complications, thereby promoting the body's natural recovery , High penetration in the kidney, a comprehensive repair of renal function;

The third step, the whole computer digital in vitro short-wave shock treatment machine, through the superconducting short wave from the glaze to stimulate the human nerve excitability, stimulate the mobilization of righteousness, regulate immunity, improve glomerular filtration rate, reduce protein and other macromolecules leakage, balance The body neurohumoral endocrine system, is a superconducting speed treatment, while improving creatinine, urea nitrogen clearance ability, and comprehensively improve the renal system function. The cure rate is high, you can achieve the purpose of cure kidney disease!

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