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Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods

2017-06-28 16:07

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods have what? Renal failure treatment should be based on the actual situation to develop programs, chronic renal failure is a slow disease, how to treat chronic renal failure, the current use of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively treat chronic renal failure.

Under normal circumstances, the traditional Chinese medicine on the syndrome of chronic renal failure to heat syndrome, evidence for the late and can be injured righteousness, generally pided into hot evil flames, fire poison stagnation, damp heat accumulation, evil heart, Qi Yin loss and other syndromes. Treatment to Quxie mainly appropriate to Fuzheng, commonly used Qingrejiedu, Qingying cooling blood, blood circulation, open and close solid solution, save the yin convergence Yang, back to Yang rescue, Qi and other methods of treatment.

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods have what? Hot poison flaming: Zheng Jian hot, irritability, palpitations, asthma, dry mouth to drink, headache, pain, urine less yellow red, or urine closed, red tongue, yellow moss, pulse number. Expelling heat purging fire detoxification. Selection of white tiger soup with Huanglian detoxification Decoction: gypsum, anemarrhena, licorice, rice, berberine, scutellaria, cork, gardenia. Such as fever, plus purple snow scattered to clear evil heat; thirsty or even add Dendrobium, pollen to heat and thirst; urine short red or urine to increase the small thistle, Chine, habitat elm to heat diuretic, cooling blood to stop bleeding; In addition, the body of the constipation plus yellow or the stomach to Chengqi Decoction to clear diarrhea Yangming evil heat; spit bleed at the nose, hair spot plus Health, Dan, Scrophulariaceae to cool blood spots.

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods have what? Poisonous blood stasis: the symptoms of high fever, delirium, mania, hypnotic, low back pain, hematemesis, blood, blood and blood, Expelling Qingrejiedu, Xiehuo cooling blood, blood circulation, blood stasis. Prescription: Qingwen bodied drink add and subtract: gypsum, habitat, rhinoceros horn, gardenia, Campanulaceae, baicalin, Anemarrhena, red peony, Scrophulariaceae, Forsythia, licorice, Dan, fresh bamboo leaves. If the urine of the author, add thistle, Chine; faint plus calamus, turmeric to pure heart resuscitation; seriously ill, plus Angong Niuhuang Wan.

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods have what? Dampness, depression, irritability, severe coma can be delirium, yellow greasy moss, slippery pulse number, the number of dampness, nausea and vomiting, chestache bloating, mouth urine, headache, fever Expelling heat detoxification, dampness turbidity. Prescription nectar disinfection Dan plus: talc, capillaris, scutellaria, calamus, Chuanbei, through grass, Agastache, dried, forsythia, mint, Kouren. If the hot weight plus gypsum, honeysuckle to help heat detoxification; wet weight or edema, plus Alice diarrhea, Yun Ling skin, plantago to facilitate water wet; sputum perineum plus calamus plum soup to phlegm resuscitation.

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure methods have what? Evil heart and heart: Zheng see the body heat heart palpitations upset, coma delirium manic, convulsions convulsions, a green lips black, red tongue purple purple, pulse slip number. Expelling pure heart resuscitation, cold liver Xifeng, blood circulation Fangguo Gongguo Niuhuang Pill together antelope heron soup peach Chengqi Decoction: antelope horns, frost mulberry leaves, Chuanbei, habitat, Uncaria, chrysanthemum, Fu Shen, white peony root, licorice, bamboo Ru, peach kernel, angelica, Rhubarb, mirabilite, Angong Niuhuang pill. If the heat and even more than the wind plus Zixue Dan to heat extinguish the wind spasm; spit phlegm and obsessed with the gods were added to Bao Dan to Diaotong heat resuscitation.


How to treat chronic renal failure in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine? Internal and external detachment: Zheng see coma delirium or faint no words, disturbed disturbances, hand, foot Jue cold, sweat sticky cold, gas micro-destructive or short breath, Black green, dark yellow tongue, dry from the thorns, pulse breakdown or difficult to touch. Ordinary open and close. Prescription Shengmai Mi Shen Shen Tang soup delivery Gonggong Niuhuang Wan. At this time also with the application of Western medicine, timely treatment

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